Who are we?

Meet some of the members of Room Eight.

Name: Liam
Age: 12 years old
Favourite Subject: Mathematics
Example of it: Measurement and converting units
What do you want to be when you grow up? There are many careers I could choose, but I would have to choose engineering. Not sure which one, but when the time comes I will know.
What subject will help you? Mathematics. It will help a lot in engineering.

My name is Kyle
Age: 11
Favourite subject: Math. I like maths because we learn how to measure and we use decimals. We use our times tables when we measure area. I highly recommend maths, it is a lot of fun and it’s good for students to learn for any future jobs.
What do I want to be when I’m older? I would like to be a pilot and fly commercial A380 or even 777-200 &787-300 Dreamliner.
What subject do I think will help me to achieve this? Math,  if my instruments go down then I’ll have to do calculations.

NAME: Levi
AGE: 13
FAVORITE SUBJECT: Mathematics because it works my brain the most out of all subjects and it is an interesting subject.
EXAMPLE: PPDAC presentation
WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP? I want to be a civil engineer when I grow up because I find it an interesting job.
WHAT SUBJECT WILL HELP ME? Mathematics will help me to reach my goal because I will learn how to successfully use measurement and area

Name: Harrison
Favourite Subject: Maths
Example of it: Measurements and area.
What do I want to do when I grow up? A Mathematic teacher
What subject will help me to get there? Mathematics since mathematics is needed to be a mathematics teacher.

Name: Charlotte
Age: 12
Favourite Subject: UOI Treaty Of Waitangi
What do I want to do as a job when you grow up? I want to be a year 7/8 teacher.
What subjects will help? Mathematics, Spelling, Writing, Reading, Art, PE, Science, Inquiry.

Name: Hannah
Age: 12
Favourite subject: Mathematics
Example: Area
What I want to do when I grow up? Be a netball player.
What subject would help me:? Health and Physical Education

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