What is a blog?

What is a blog?

19/24 students in Ruma Wha did not know we had our very own school website.

5 students had been on the website at home with their mums.

We typed in ‘Pukeoware School’ and had a look at the colourful site.

eddie websiteowen william olly website

We loved the gallery of photos, especially old Calf Club photos! willam cory website

We clicked on ‘blogs’ and found each class.

ethan raiden websiteruben website

We saw that a blog is some words and some photos about the classrooms at our school.

nathan chris website


A blog comes from the words ‘web’ and ‘log’ and it is just that “… a log of your ideas and thoughts and experiences”.

We decided as a class that each week we will do our blog together.

holly scarlett school website

Super learners with super learning powers have learnt something new!class in garden eotc 2017


  • Justine Gustafson says:

    Hi Ruma Wha, thank-you for taking some time to learn about the school’s website – Mr Kelly, Joel Graham, and I have worked really hard to create it! I’m really glad you enjoyed looking around all the different pages and photos – and I’m really excited to hear that you are going to work together to blog about what you do in class each week. I can’t wait to read them.

    Have a good week at school,
    Justine (Raiden’s Mum)

  • Tempest Spires says:

    Cool blog, Ruma Wha!

  • Mr Kelly says:

    Great Web Log. Well done

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