Welcome back to Term Three

Kia ora

What a crazy busy week we’ve had. We started reading our ChapterChat book. We’ve been looking at all the cool vocabulary the author ‘Suzanne Selfors’ has been using to hook us in and allow us to build a picture in our mind.

We tweeted on Friday. Come follow us on twitter.  We are called Pukeoware6.



We have been busy practicing for our production.  We have been learning how to move in time to the music and ensure our body movements are accurate.

This week we wrote poems. We have been focusing on how to use more sophisticated language to hook our reader in. Here are a few of our poems we’d like to share with you


Crawling over computers

Annoying Amelia and Jess

Pssshhhh,  Mrs Hermond violently fires

Lavender scents eagerly fill the room

Thousands of ants die


A caterpillar,

Squirming across a leaf,

In an apple orchard,

On a summer’s day,


The girl hates caterpillars.


Killer bees

Flying through the toxic air

In the violently loud classroom

On a stormy day

To put all the kids to sleep

With their deadly toxic sting



Making mysterious noises

In the neighbours back yard

A stormy day

To get out of the rain



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