Week Two

This weeks stars are Michael and Caitlin.

They went around the class and interviewed fellow students to find out what they enjoyed this week.

Byron’s favourite activity this week was learning how  to whisper with a pencil in art and maths.

Blake enjoyed drawing a minion and ‘Today’s Number’ task.    Minion

Danika’s favourite lesson was  comprehension and writing.

Khyra learnt what ‘Chapter Chat’ is and learnt some techniques to help her in art.

Zak’s favourite thing this week was ‘Chapter Chat’ and ‘Night Zookeeper’.

Michael enjoyed getting picked as a star of the week.

Caitlin enjoyed creating the minions and  writing.

We completed activities for our Chapter Chat  to share online when we tweeted about the book we are reading.


Here is some of our work.

P1100581P1100580Chaoter chat brodyP1100582P1100579



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  • Justine says:

    Congratulations, Michael and Caitlin, for being the first Stars of the Week! It looks like you all had a great time in Week 2 and learned alot! Keep up the good work, Room 6!

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