Week Three

Our stars this week are Khyra and Paiton.

This week we had Simon come in and teach us some cricket skills. We learnt how to catch properly by pointing our fingers away from the ball.

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We learnt how to make tonal bars in art. We had to take a ball outside and look at the shadows then come back in and draw what we saw.  We also learnt about cross hatching, scribbling, dots, dashes and lines and how we can use these to create ‘ values’  in art.


During writing we were learning  how to use verbs for impact. We created a poem. Please come to assembly next week to hear our poems.

We played a team building game. We found it very challenging at the beginning as we went too fast and did not follow instructions carefully. We learnt we must all work together otherwise it won’t work.


Our Chapter Chat activity this week was to create a menu for the funeral at Castle Glower. We were extremely lucky because Amelia made us a cake and brought in some watermelon from her menu which we had together on Thursday . Thank you Amelia, it was yummy.

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We also voted for our class ‘Student Councillors” . They had to present a speech to our class as to why they would make a great Councillor.  It was an extremely close race and we are proud to announce that Blake and Caitlin are our new class Councillors who will represent us in school Councillor meetings.


We also had swimming sports this week. We had fun racing against each other. Well done to all the students who are moving onto Group Day.


This week we received our ‘Get New Zealand Writing’ kit from Warehouse Stationery. Next week we will be writing to a school in Dunedin.

Before we start this activity we had to research where the school is, how many students are in the school and who we think the teacher is in the class we will be writing to.  More about this next week!



We had a great week.

Check in next week with what we have been up to.

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