Week Six

Welcome to Week Six.

Our stars this week are Byron and Elsie.

“Hi, Elsie here.  I have been collecting information from the class to find out their favourite learning this week.  Most of the class enjoyed learning how to create the post cards for our buddy school in Dunedin. We had fun playing around with similes about our class and us.”

“Hi, Byron here. I discovered that some students enjoyed the spelling this week. Zak liked learning the spelling patterns ‘end’, ‘and’ and ‘ond’.  So when he comes to words like command he will know that the ending is ‘and’.”

We have been completing all our poems for “Keep NZ Writing”.  Here are a couple we would like to share.

Kalani is a rose, delicate and beautiful.

Kalani is like a sports car, fast and awesome.

Kalani is like a classroom, full of great ideas.

Kalani is like the Waiuku clock, big and reliable.

Kalani is like spaghetti, yum and nice.

Kalani is like a dress, beautiful and pretty.


Blake is like a principal, all smart and reliable.

Blake is like the Prime Minster running the country.

Blake is as cool as a chrome gold Lamborghini.

Blake is like a hamburger, perfecto and yummy.

Blake is like a clock, always ready to help.



Have a great weekend.




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