Week Four

Welcome to the end of Week Four. Our helpful and handy stars this week were Byron and Tempest

We’ve  been working a lot on taking ownership of our learning this year. We came up with the catch phrase

Capture1We realised that in order to take ownership of our learning we need to first take control of what we do in class. We’ve had fun sharing our take control moments. We are excited to be able to explain what we are learning, how we know we are succeeding and what we need to do next to make improvements.

Some of us went off to the interschool soccer competition on Thursday. Both teams did very well, coming second in their division.

CaptureThis week, in measurement, we learned how to find the area of an object. We also learned how to convert between cm and mm, m and cm and vice versa. We went out and measured the carpark. We learned that a carpark has an area of 10.79 m2.  Everyone found measuring challenging and we discovered how important it is to measure accurately.

20170526_115041 20170526_115046 20170526_115053 20170526_115058 20170526_115108 20170526_115132 20170526_115151 20170526_115156

We are inquiring into pounamu designs and their meanings this term and will be using this knowledge to create our own pounamu design in art.

20170526_142641 20170526_142321 20170526_142647 20170526_142629 20170526_142327



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  • Casey Empsall says:

    Gosh I was learning was this much fun when I was at school!!
    Love reafing these blogs as it helps to understand everything that is being shared wuth me at home.
    Keep up the great work Room 6!

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