Week Five

Wow, Week Five already!

Our stars this week are Jessica and Charlotte.

What’s been going on this week? In maths, we learned how to complete statistical investigations. We now know how to create graphs on Microsoft Excel and how to interpret our data. Today we brought home a sheet to investigate how often we open our fridge in our home over a 24 hour period. We hope you will support us in this activity. It is due back on Monday so we can use the data to create graphs and interpret the data.

For our ‘Get NZ Writing’ activity we had to investigate who in the class could lick their elbow, cross their eyes and roll their tongue. We had a blast finding out who could do what.











As part of our home learning we could choose which activity we completed. It was exciting to see all the hard work everyone has put in. Brody shared his Johnny Danger car with us. It had a motor in it too.


Follow us on Twitter to see the rest of our home learning, and how we are participating in Chapter Chat. Our twitter name is Pukeoware6. We are excited to see a few of our mums already following us on Twitter.

The cricket team came back this week to teach us again. We had a lot of fun playing a version of cricket/baseball! We had to run to our base to be safe.


But the most exciting part of our week was making “Found Poems”. We had to locate words within the page from a book and create a poem. We are sending some of them to our buddy school in Dunedin, but we are also  keeping some for our class. We shared our poems with Room Seven on Thursday. It was fun having them as our audience. Next week please come in and look at our poems, we are very proud of them.











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