Tuakana–Teina Relationship

Team 3 and Room 8 had a fascinating time yesterday exploring the concept of tuakana–teina relationships.

The tuakana–teina relationship, an integral part of traditional Māori society, provides a model for buddy systems. An older or more expert tuakana (brother, sister or cousin for example) helps and guides a younger or less expert teina (originally a younger sibling or cousin of the same gender).

As the tuakana, the older children of Room 8 asked ice breaker questions to get to know their teina. Both ‘buddies’ then showed their classes to each other (even the odd messy desk!). The buddies finished the session with a throwing and catching lesson.

It was a wonderful experience and I really look forward to doing it again. Definitely a highlight of my teaching career so far.

Kia Ora

Miss Wilcox 🙂


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