Tuakana–teina in Ako Timatanga

In Ako Timatanga, students love learning and spending time with others. With this in mind, we plan several opportunities to build our tuakana–teina relationships.

As described on the TKI website, “ The tuakanateina relationship, an integral part of traditional Māori society, provides a model for buddy systems. An older or more expert tuakana (brother, sister or cousin) helps and guides a younger or less expert teina (originally a younger sibling or cousin of the same gender). In a learning environment that recognises the value of ako, the tuakana–teina roles may be reversed at any time.” http://tereomaori.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-guidelines/Teaching-and-learning-te-reo-Maori/Aspects-of-planning/The-concept-of-a-tuakana-teina-relationship

This week, we practised tuakana–teina with Ruma Wha. Aligning with our Living World focus, Ruma Wha students used their imaginations to create pretend bugs. Ruma Wha students shared fun facts about their bugs, including its life cycle, predators, habitat, and food sources. Ako Timatanga students were highly engaged in these conversations and came back to the classroom with new insight and questions about living things. These rich learning discussions helped Ruma Wha students to solidify their understandings and also expanded Ako Timatanga’s understandings of the topic. In the future, the roles will be switched and Ako Timatanga will be teaching Ruma Wha about their learning of living things. Tuakana–teina relationships are beneficial for both parties involved, and Ako Timatanga students love these opportunities for learning and socialisation.


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