The importance of knowing our Pukeoware learners well.

Ako Timatanga is a diverse group of early learners; the same is true of every New Zealand classroom. We know that every new entrant learner comes to school with their own set of needs, and their learning pathway will be unique. Our fundamental principal is that we seek to know our learners well. We recognise that learning is most successful for our students when we take into consideration their chronological, emotional and social stages of development or ‘ages’.
In Ako Timatanga, we recognise when children might need Academic, Persistence, Social or Emotion ‘Coaching’. Coaching is where an adult uses positive descriptive comments when a child demonstrates healthy behaviours, such as friendship skills or feeling skills. Coaching is the most powerful form of positive recognition you can give a child. In Ako Timatanga, we also communicate our belief in our learners by using ‘Positive Forecasting’ statements, such as, “If you keep practising your reading, I know you will be able to read a whole reader by yourself really soon.”
We are also very aware about the power of teacher modelling. Because there are two full -time teachers in our learning environment, we are able to model the important social skills of waiting, taking turns, helping and complimenting.
For more information about coaching refer to Carolyn Webster-Stratton’s Incredible Teachers programme

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  • Erin Akast says:

    So lovely, and so powerful. Tonight Amaia told me ‘if I keep practicing and practicing, then I will be able to write big stories all by myself.’ Such a great team of teachers she has supporting and influencing her learning xx

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