Technology in Ako Timatanga

iPads are an excellent tool for teaching, since they increase students’ motivation for learning and can provide instant performance feedback.  The touch technology of iPads, enables young learners to take control of their learning with minimal barriers. Also, the portable nature of iPads encourages learning to happen in flexible environments. Because so many students are already familiar with iPads, they often come to school with strong technology skills. These tech savvy students are then able to take on leadership roles as they share their learning with others.

We use iPads in a variety of ways in Ako Timatanga. Last week, we used iPads to photograph different 2D shapes as we went on a shape hunt in the classroom. These photos were then printed and used as an engaging class shape sorting activity. Recently, Pukeoware School began a two-week trial of Mathletics. Akin to Reading Eggs, which Pukeoware School already subscribes to, Mathletics enables students to earn points when completing engaging learning tasks. An exciting element of Mathletics is the opportunity to test your maths skills against students in your class, school, country, and worldwide! There are also a wide range of free or low-cost apps that we use in the classroom to solidify learning concepts and skills in a motivating way.    

In moderation, iPads are a beneficial learning tool to help support student learning. If your child has access to an iPad or tablet, I encourage you to check out some of the apps below that we enjoy using in Ako Timatanga.

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iPads ipads2

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