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Pukeoware Student Council – 2017

“We are here to represent the students of Pukeoware School. We want to help create an environment that is FUN, SAFE and has GREAT LEARNING” – Student Council, 2017.



Our Student Council:

Front Row from the left: Levi, Boston, Daria, Zaria, Kaitlyn, Marissa .

Middle from the left: Kaleb, Jordan, Blake, Caitlin, Casey.

Back Row from the left; Flynn, Olly Unique

This morning, the 2017 Pukeoware School Student Council had their first meeting for the year.  The aim of the meeting was to:

  • Develop an understanding of what the role of the council is
  • Develop a philosophy
  • Discuss any ideas from the classes

As a component of Tuakana Teina (Relationships), the children worked with older peers to brainstorm ideas on ‘What does a Student Council do?

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The children came back and reported their discussion ideas with each other. This included:

  • making the world a better place
  • look after our environment
  • identifying Hazards
  • make people want to come to school
  • be leaders
  • coming up with ideas for the school
  • benefit others – parents, teachers and children
  • helping those new to the school
  • being brave in hard situations
  • being there for people encouraging others

It was discussed what the three main points of focus would be. The team decided that safety, learning and fun, are the areas that they will focus on……while taking into account the cost as well.

Through scaffolding from myself, and the Head Students, the philosophy / purpose of the 2017 student Council was created. The Head Students will represent the Council at BoT meetings twice per year, to inform them of ideas, propose initiatives and reflect on successes and challenges.

“We are here to represent the students of Pukeoware School. We want to help create an environment that is FUN, SAFE and has GREAT LEARNING” – Student Council, 2017.


Ideas, Ideas, Ideas ……

Once it was decided what the purpose of the Council is, we looked at some ideas.

  • The newsletter should only go to the oldest an only.  A motion was passed that this be implemented immediately.
  • Fundraising events for community centres such as Waiuku Family Support, Waiuku Colony Cats, Cancer Society etc.
  • More lunchtime clubs.  We had a look at what we currently have i.e. Kaitiaki’s, Peer Mediators, Water Slides etc.. The Council will run a survey to gauge interest and types of activities e.g. guitar club, chess club etc.
  • DJ Friday.  A motion was passed that the Head Students will organise student leaders in Room 8 to start this from next week.
  • More rubbish bins
  • New nets for goals – both soccer and netball.
  • Bring back bake sales
  • Disco’s
  • Safety out the front of the school.  Ako Timatanga shared that the cars are dangerous.  A motion was passed that the Student Council will write a letter to the Police and Auckland Transport.

As you can see, the first Student Council Meeting of 2017 was a huge success. Well done to our akonga.


  • Casey Empsall says:

    What a fantastic learning experience but most importantly giving students the opportunity to have some control and voice in their school community! One of the many reasons we love our Pukeoware school!!

    • Eamonn says:

      Thank you Casey. The children are very serious about the role, and have great ideas.

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