Quick Write

In Room Eight we use a wonderful program called Pobble365, which inspires us to create outstanding pieces of writing!
Here are a few examples that are being produced.

It was another normal day for Robert. Go collect rice from the
other side of the lake separating the two chunks of the village,
come back  and cooked the rice into rice paper for his business,
Rice Paper Makers. He would then sell it online, on eBay, for 81
yen, which is 1 dollar if translated. Yes, it was cheap, but him
and Sensei Grandpa made a living out of it.
One peculiar day, in the ghost town of a village, a low
frequency rumbling sound started to come from the fertile dirt
below him, used to grow, well, rice of course. Suddenly, a haggis
of a creature, a disgrace to humanity, a rice crop eater, also
know as a frog emerged out of the ground. Robert jolted back in fear, like a currant of
electricity traveling a broken wire. He unorthodoxly introduced
himself as Pepe the frog. He exclaimed that his measly village,
along with his underground kingdom of frogs, causing the
rumbling, were in a pool of inevitable doom. He started to go
on about how the tyrant of rice and nukes, Kim Jong Un, was
about to furiously nuke Roberts village because his rice paper
was selling more than his. He said they would be nuked any
second, as it was planned to happen today. So, how are we
going to escape…? BOOM POW EXPLODING SOUNDS. Yup, you
just witnessed a virtual nuclear attack.

Andrew, Year Seven

The Old Railroad
Me and my friends were being pests. We did really dreadful things like steal
others belongings and breaking into construction sites. One day that all changed……

My friends and I, having casual day of roaming around,
came to this railroad track that looked rough. We were following the
track and out of nowhere I start getting this weird feeling… I felt like I
was falling in to a hole and I started hearing whispers by my ear.  I started
walking faster then I heard it again. I start jogging, losing sight of
my friends…. It was getting foggy and the whispers just wouldn’t stop. I
started feeling like I was being followed, my jogging became a sprint. I found
a little cabin, I go to look through the lock to see if anyone
was there, waiting and waiting and waiting… BAM!!! An eye, as red as
blood, stared back at me through the lock. I start sprinting, I stop for a second.
I look ahead of me to see a black figure staring at me. I blink, the figure
disappears.  I start hearing heavy breathing behind me….. I slowly look

News report comes in ‘Just last week a 17 year old boy disappears on the old railroad at 9:36pm”.

Quinton, Year Seven.


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