Our Teaching and Learning Philosophy in Ako Timatanga, Pukeoware School

Ako Timatanga at Pukeoware School embraces the concept of ‘beginning learners’.

We recognise all the valuable development and learning that has taken place from birth to school entry age, seeing this as the foundation for success in a child’s learning journey within the school environment.

We have three key principles that underpin our teaching and learning programme:

  • We nurture the needs of the whole child, to promote a love for learning.
  • We deliver a classroom programme that reflects our deep knowledge of what early learners need to succeed.
  • We work in partnership with families/whanau to help children achieve their best.

Carl Rogers originally developed the concept of ‘student-centred’ learning. This is based on the belief that both emotional and cognitive domains of our personality need to be developed if effective learning is to take place (Rogers, 1983).

Our two full-time classroom teachers are Incredible Years for Teachers trained. This has given us strategies to deliver an inclusive programme that nurtures children’s social, emotional, and academic competence.

We use positive classroom management practices that nurture, encourage, and motivate students with varying developmental abilities and cultural backgrounds.

It is important to remember that children learn through play. Play is a time when children can try out new ideas, take risks, try on different roles, and share feelings and thoughts. It provides a safe context for children to learn.

The latest research points to the importance of transitioning children into school through environments that connect with their prior knowledge and experiences from the Early Childhood level.

In Ako Timatanga, we provide a careful balance between flexible and structured learning activities.

“Like the master gardener, the teacher must provide fertile soil, adequate sunshine, water and support for the seed to develop and begin to grow.” Incredible Teachers by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PH.D. 2012

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  • Kelly Wisnewski says:

    Well done to the two fabulous teachers in Ako Timatanga. You are such an great role models to students, parents and other teachers. What a well written blog post which captures the essence of your philosophy and classroom.

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