Onward Towards Another Great Term Of Learning

Ako Timatanga had a great Term 1 and participated in some meaningful reflection about their learning progress so far this year.  We captured some student voice to demonstrate their learning journeys thus far.

“I can read sentences now.” -E

“I can read and I can write and I can write sentences.” -D

“I can add those (numbers) without even counting.” – A

“I can write my words and I can use my card. I have the same card at home.” – M

“I can learn more. It is fun to write. I write at home, it is fun to write at home. Mum says you are good at writing.” – P


We are excited to be back for another term of learning. In the next few months, we will be focusing on our inquiry topic of Peacekeeping, where we examine how we work together to find effective solutions. Our ANZAC service, has been a catalyst for rich discussion and questions regarding peace and conflict.  This term we will also be experimenting with printmaking in art, exploring measurement in maths, improving our throwing and catching skills,  and exploring musical instruments and the different sounds that they can make.


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