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In the second half of Term Three, Room Six (using our cake sale money) signed up for the Night Zookeeper. This is an online program that encourages students to write. They create an animal for the Night Zoo and then write stories to go with it.  Students can choose from a variety of writing styles.

We have our own user names and once we have finished writing Mrs Hermond checks our work and then publishes it. It then goes onto the our Night Zoo blog site. If our work is really good Mrs Hermond will nominate it, then the Night Zoo Keepers look at our work and if it is really good it will get published in the Night Time News. So far in, Term Four,  both Oscar and Amelia have had their work published in the Night Time News


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Here are some of our thoughts and goals for the Night Zookeeper

Noah F: It helps us to learn different styles of writing.  We have been learning to improve on our punctuation because we know when are writing for an international audience we need to make sure our writing is perfect. We recently found out how important it is to edit our work because Mrs Hermond published some of our work that we hadn’t properly edited and we had to then go through and look at everyone’s work and fix up the incorrect punctuation and spelling errors.

Brtiney:  I challenge myself all the time to use the words the Night Zoo gives us to use in our writing. This is helping me to improve my vocabulary.

Matthew – I challenge myself to write over 60 words in one story. I also enjoy making the animals.

Joseph, Noah E, Jack, Aidan, Britney, Calee, Dakota, Tyler, Amelia, Nick  and Matthew  are all challenging themselves  to become a ‘legend’ before the end of the year – being a legend means you are at the top level for writing.

Aidan and Tessa  said their goal is to write 400 words in one story.

Tyler:  I have been challenging myself to write better stories.

Noah F and Tahlia: We have been challenging ourselves to write using the more sophisticated writing styles.

Oscar: I  have  challenged myself to write 100 stories before the end of the term.

We all enjoy Night Zookeeper. Thank you to the PTA for letting us hold a cake stall to pay for it.

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