”Got ya, needle!” Picking my colour, I  immediately bit on to the end of the thread  focusing on threading it through the hole. Nobody distracting me. The sharp pin felt like it was pricking my finger. Why were we doing this? Last Saturday was the beginning of Matariki. Us, Pukeoware students, love Matariki New Year. After everyone was finished it looked like a masterpiece of all different colors. Each one had wonderful sewing through the star holes.
By Caitlin



Today we were sewing around stars on a piece of black paper. Caitlin, the  others and I went first, we got to choose what colour string we wanted, I choose blue.  Mrs Hermond gave everyone a very sharp needle and we had to lick and bite the string so the string could fit through the tiny hole. We focused on threading the string through the tiny hole. Suddenly Hunter dropped the needle on the ground and Mrs Hermond grumbled, “I don’t want anyone to get a needle  in their foot!

I am not a very good sewer, I thought to myself. Whoops the string came out again and again!  I learnt my lesson, keep your finger on the end of the needle and hold the string tight.

By Khyra




I immediately picked up the needle and started to focused on what I was doing. I felt like the needle was going to poke my fingers and my hands would let go of the wool and lose the needle. First we had to chose a colour and I chose purple. We needed to thread the needle through a little hole and make a star cluster with the Matariki stars that were printed on the paper. It was hard to get the wool and needle through the right hole and make sure it was not crossed over another star. Uh oh! I have made a mistake I think. The star cluster did not look right, the wool was crossed over a star. I gently pulled it back through the hole and redid it, now it looks right. Mrs Hermond said that a needle had been lost and she thought it was on the ground, someone might get a needle in their foot.

By Tempest

Here is our finished work – we are sorry you cannot see all the lovely colours.  Come into class and view them for yourself.


As another part of the Marariki activities we had to design a star that will be one of many others to go onto the front of a Warehouse Stationery book. Thank you to Hunter who designed our class star. We cannot wait to see how it looks next year. Parents keep your eye out at the Warehouse Stationary for our artwork.


On Thursday’s we had Whanau Day and Matariki activities. In Room Six we got to create stars. We had to layer them. It was fun creating our own designs.  The other activities we did that day were flax writing, rakau sticks, tiki, cloaks and weaving. It was a fun day. We learnt lots about Matariki.






Our stars this week were Tyler and Ava



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