Keeping Fit and Having Fun

In Ako Timatanga, we enjoy moving our bodies and developing our physical movement skills. Every day, we begin our learning with exercises and dances that improve our coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Throughout the day, we use movement to solidify our learning concepts and express ourselves in fun and creative ways.

This term, we are also thrilled to be participating in Get Set Go, an eight week Athletics New Zealand’s foundation programme.  This programme is focused on improving children’s physical movement, cognitive, emotional, and social skills.  Under the direction of enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches, students are exposed to fun and novel games and activities that challenge them to improve their fundamental movement skills. These concepts and skills are further extended as they become our weekly focus during our Perceptual Movement Program (PMP).

PMP,  lead twice a week at Pukeoware School, is a programme focused on providing movement and motor experiences to develop children’s perceptions and understanding of themselves.

With these numerous and diverse physical movement opportunities,  we ensure that we are educating the whole child in Ako Timatanga and helping to develop healthy and active children.





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