Week Eight

Hockey lesson started again this term. We remembered to hold our stick in the correct way. Now we are learning to refine our skills.

20170612_091428 20170612_092542

We learned a new maths games where we had to race against another team. It’s a fun way to practise our times tables!

20170614_090652  20170614_091103

We also learned about probability. We learned to explain the chances of a situation occurring. We used coins and dice to help us learn.


20170614_095438 20170614_095537

We have been inquiring into pounamu designs and from our research we have drawn  a pounamu design that we liked the most or reflect us, based on its meaning.

We have been applying our knowledge of shading to try and make our designs look 3 dimensional. We found this very challenging.  We had to layer our colours.

IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196


We’ve signed up to take part in CLASSified this term. We have been researching all about NZ. We’ve been locating famous landmarks and distances between each city. We’ve had to use our measurement skills. In Week Ten of this term we will be skyping a mystery class. We have to guess where they are located. We are only allowed to ask them yes or no questions.  We had a practice run and found it very challenging to locate schools within NZ by only asking yes and no questions. The most challenging schools were ones located within cities. We learned that we need to look for land marks or suburbs to help us. We cannot wait to skype with our mystery class and find out where they are located.


Our Stars this week were Ava and Jess C.

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