This term we are focusing on imagination. Using our imagination in many different ways.


The Senior Syndicate are working hard this term to use their imagination to create a new creature, with its own life cycle and habitat. We will be sharing our creatures on  23 November.

In writing students have been creative and using a variety of language structures to support their learning. Here is one example of the fantastic work coming out of Room Six.

Getting to School

I twisted around the corner, I stopped, my heart fell to my feet. I looked back and thought there must be another way to get to school.  :”Nope, this is the only way, ” I barked.

Splash, the freezing water felt like it was shooting up my legs. It nearly made me slip and slide.  My heart stopped and I froze. I wondered what would happen if I made one wrong step?

I felt my feet slowly drowning in the powerful water. The rapid was slowly inching me closer and closer to the edge. I took one little look ahead, I slipped. I carefully stood up, I could hear water dripping off my icy face. I heard my teeth smashing into each other. I thought to myself, why did I wear these shorts? Then my friend yelled, ” Your lips are blue!”

I peered up once again, this time for longer. My foot slipped on a mossy rock, I feel down into the waterfall.

That’s all I remember! I really need to find a better way to get to school!


Soccer’s back again this year. Our coach Tracey is teaching us soccer skills through game play. We had a lot of fun capturing each others tags, while having to dribble the ball without losing control.

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