Hockey Lessons


Over the next few weeks we are learning how to play hockey. Here are a few of our thoughts.

Amelia explains it was exciting and a new experience for some of Room Six students. I learnt that the end of the hockey stick is curved and to get the correct length  hockey stick  you measure either one centimetre above or below your belly button.

Calee: I learned that hockey balls are hard, not soft, which surprised me.

Aidan: I found it entertaining but also hard that the same time because when I had to move the hockey stick I found it hard to keep it on the flat side.  I found being a defensive player hard because I had keep up with the ball and not hit the person’s foot instead of the ball!

Jack: I learned that you can’t hit it on the rounded side as it is illegal in a game of hockey.

Joseph: I felt a magical feeling  when I  got a goal!

Olivia: It was fun playing on the field but a little hard with the bumpy ground.

Noah E: I learnt how to use the hockey stick correctly.

Tahlia:  It is important to keep the hockey stick on the ground at all times.

Oscar: I found it amazing, but challenging, to keep my hands in the correct position on the hockey stick.

Tyler: I learned how to stand in the right position and hold the hockey stick properly.

We had lots of fun and look forward to having another go next Monday.

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  • Justine Gustafson says:

    Hey Room 6, so excited to see that you are blogging! I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to share your thoughts with everyone that visits our website! I’m sharing some of your blogs on the school’s facebook page too … so keep up the good work and keep blogging!

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