Eek, Bug Invasion in Room Six!

This Term the Senior Syndicate started using their imaginations in a creative way. They created a new species of a bug or animal. This includes a habitat and  life cycle.

Wow, what came into Room Six on Thursday was just amazing. Some students thought about their newly invented creature so well that other students were convinced they were real!

Here are just a few photos of the amazing creatures.

Meet the Crocafly!20171123_094732


Meet Crawler20171123_102616 20171123_102604

And here are a few more that arrived into class on Thursday! Not sure we’d want to meet some of these if they were real!

20171123_111924 20171123_111851 20171123_111626 20171123_111405 20171123_110658 20171123_110646 20171123_103714  20171123_103316 20171123_10310720171123_103527

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