The charter is an undertaking by the Board of Trustees to the Minister of Education that they will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the school will be managed, organised, conducted, and administered for the purposes set out in the charter and that the school, and its students and community, achieve the aims and objectives that have been set out. The charter is the key guiding document for the Board.

The Board develops an ongoing timetable of review which will regularly report on key indicators to ensure that progress towards reaching strategic aims is continually being made.

This review programme allows the Board to:

  • celebrate achievement and set new aims and targets
  • identify areas of weakness and take strategic action

When reviewing the charter, the Board ensures that it is updated in accordance with the National Administration Guidelines.  The Board leads the charter redevelopment process, and ensures that the community plays a part in this process.

Our 2017 Charter can be viewed here.