BOT Bulletin – 9 March 2017

The 2017 school year has commenced with a flurry of activity including the election of House Captains, Vice Captains and Student Council representatives, training for peer meditators, establishing new kaitiaki and kapa haka groups, and a successful swimming sports day.  We even made a ‘splash’ at the Waiuku duckboat derby.

The Board of Trustees have conducted two meetings this year and have been delighted to hear about the positive start the children and staff have made as they settle into their classrooms.

The governance team: 
In accordance with our governance framework whereby trustees are required to appoint a Chair at the board’s first meeting of the year, Justine Gustafson was re-appointed to this role on 24 January 2017.  In this meeting, the trustees were also pleased to welcome Peter Fa’afiu to the team, who was in attendance for the first time since his selection to the board via by-election in November 2016.

In the January meeting, Brian Crum accepted the role of leading the finance sub-committee (supported by Tina Taylor), and Peter Fa’afiu accepted the role of leading the property sub-committee (supported by Brian Crum).  With a planned refurbishment of the school in 2017, effective leadership of these sub-committees is vital for the success of this and other projects, and we are delighted with the experience that all these trustees bring to these portfolios.

In the February meeting, the board passed a motion to co-opt Nicole Ridley to the team as a parent-trustee, to assist the board in the area of health and safety.  With vast experience in both this area and policy development and review, Nicole will lead the health and safety sub-committee, supported by Karen Holyoake.

Eamonn Kelly will continue in his role as principal-trustee.

On 7 March 2017, Kim Michie resigned from the role of staff-trustee to concentrate on other priorities within the school.  The board appreciates Kim’s excellent contribution to the team for the past year and a half and is very sorry to lose her.  The process to elect a new staff-trustee will commence shortly.

The charter: 
In accordance with the Education Act 1989, the board have been reviewing and developing the school’s charter, and ratified this document at its meeting on 28 February 2017.  The charter is the board’s key planning document and reflects the goals and aspirations we have for the school and our children for the next 3 years.  It outlines how the school is implementing the government’s education and administration priorities, and identifies the key areas the board will focus on to improve the progress and achievement of all of our children.

The 2017 Charter will be made available to our community via our website ( over the next few days.  The board encourages all parents and caregivers to familiarise themselves with this document.

School donations:
The board would be thankful for the prompt payment of the donation to support and enable the initiatives planned for the school in 2017.  The donation is used to help fund items such as computers and e-learning devices, additional teaching and learning materials, extracurricular support, maintaining our school grounds and Pukeoware Hall, and other costs not adequately funded by the Ministry.

We appreciate that fees and donations can be difficult for some families to pay, and can offer a payment plan for those whom require it.  Please talk to Kath Bindon if you would like some assistance with this.

Student enrolment: 
We have started the year with 159 learners, and based on current pre-enrolments, expect to end the year with 175.  The board has set a goal of 190 learners by year-end however, and are currently activating a plan to increase the school’s roll throughout the year.

Out-of-zone enrolments are currently being accepted for Year(s) 1 – 6 in 2017, and the board would be appreciative if you could encourage any families who may be considering Pukeoware School as an option, to contact the school office.

School refurbishment:
After consultation with the Ministry of Education, the board have chosen to seek new advisers to assist with the refurbishment of Rooms 1-8.  Whilst this will delay the project, the board believes this to be the most prudent course of action to ensure the requirements of the school and Ministry are met, and best value-for-money is achieved.

Waiuku Community of Learning:
We were delighted to show the team from the Waiuku Community of Learning around our school last month.  The Waiuku Community of Learning is a collaboration between the Principals, Boards of Trustees and teachers of ten schools across Waiuku with a shared vision to raise the achievement levels of all students in writing and mathematics.

Three Across School teachers have been appointed to work in the Waiuku Community of Learning –  Bernadette Corcoran (Waiuku College), Deb Rei (View Road School) and Julie Steele (Sandspit Road School).  The primary role of the Across School teachers is to promote best teaching practice across the Community of Learning schools.

The Waiuku Community of Learning also has sixteen Within School teacher roles, one of which has been apportioned to Pukeoware School.  The primary role of the Within School teachers is similar to the Across School teachers but their focus will be on their individual school.  The board would like to congratulate Louise Trousdale on her appointment to this role.

The Lead Principal (Graeme Newall, Sandspit Road School) and Across School teachers have been visiting each of the 10 participating schools to introduce themselves to all of the teachers within the Community of Learning, to start building professional relationships, and to get an understanding of the individual nature and context that each of the schools work in.

Whilst the Waiuku Community of Learning has a huge task ahead of it, the board is excited by the possibilities and the opportunities that it affords our teachers, and most importantly, the children of Waiuku and our school.

Next meeting:
Members of the school community are encouraged to take an active interest in the school and its performance and are welcome to attend all board meetings.  Prior notification to the Chair or Principal would be appreciated however.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 28 March 2017 at 7pm.

Kind Regards,

Justine Gustafson

On behalf of the Pukeoware School Board of Trustees:
Parent Trustees – Brian Crum, Karen Holyoake, Tina Taylor, Peter Fa’afiu, Nicole Ridley
Principal – Eamonn Kelly

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