Being Persuasive

Welcome back to Term Two.  Our stars this week were Cameron and Amelia.

We’ve had a very busy week this week. We have been learning a lot about persuasive writing. We have learned that to be persuasive is to convince someone something. We’ve chosen topics that are important to help us write our speeches.

speech writingDuring our reading time we have been reading stories that are persuasive. One of our activities is to create a donut (drawings, not the real thing!) and write persuasive advertisements to encourage others to buy our donuts. We look forward to sharing these with you next week.

To support our presentation skills we have been presenting impromptu speech. We found this challenging, talking for one minute about a topic is not easy!  We have been videoing our performances and we’ve learned that our body posture and our movements can distract the audience from what we are trying to say to them. speech writing

At the beginning of the year we set up our class treaty.  In Week Nine of last term we reviewed our treaty and identified barriers to our learning.

We came up with a plan of how to support our learning by reducing the barriers.

We added to our “How we will support our learning”

  • Sit in a learning sport
  • Work as a team – compromise
  • Be prepared
  • Ask for help
  • Focus on our learning
  • Listen to our support person
  • Help others if you understand what they are asking you
  • Focus on our learning
  • Try my hardest

We are excited to say we’ve been using these to help our learning this week. We have been encouraging each other to use these supports. We look forward to using them for the rest of the term.





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