Aheinga Mahi – Unlimited Potential / Opportunity

Aheinga Mahi

At Pukeoware, we have undertaken a lot of change this past 18 months. We have developed a school full of expert educators with the vision of assisting all learners, We have been discussing how we as a school are able to shift the dynamics further, delving into, and cohesively improving all areas which impact and benefit ‘Te Akonga o Pukeoware’ – The Pukeoware Learner.

There are key facets in to ensuring that all learners succeed. The children, parents and teachers must have fun, pride,  and respect, whilst being fully engaged in learning and success. Aheina Mahi is a notion we have discussed and are working towards. It is having the belief that each and each member of Pukeoware has Unlimited Potential and Opportunities; to be the very best that they can be.

Our four key Values of Kaha, Mana, Aroha and Toa reinforce this belief, of which is being illustrated each and every day. To maintain such a belief we need to maintain high expectations for all which cover the Tataiako Competencies of:

  • Ako – Practice in the classroom and beyond
  • Whanaunatanga – relationships with high expectations (students, school-wide, community)
  • Tangata Whenuatanga – Place based, socio-cultural awareness and knowledge
  • Manaakitana – Values, integrity trust, sincerity and equity
  • Wananga – Communication, problem solving and innovation

I will post more in coming blogs around AHEINGA MAHI, and the direction of Teaching and Learning at Pukeoware School.


Kia Kaha – Kia Toa


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    LUV your work & your values.

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