Below is the speech which Brody Empsall shared at the finals today. I was impressed with the information and wanted everyone to see this. Thank you Brody for your words of wisdom.

PLEASE: if you believe your child is being bullied, please do not wait to let the school know, even if it means to contact me directly. Please encourage your child to let a teacher, or MYSELF know immediately. This helps us to help them. Bullying is not acceptable in any form, and we try our best to stop it.

We have recently engaged Life Education as well as the Police to come and deliver lessons which teach about resilience, bullying and keeping ourselves safe.

Please contact me on eamonn@pukeoware.school.nz if you feel your child is being bullied.

Bullying…..by Brody Empsall Year 5

Hey you! If bullying stays a worldwide problem, the world will not be a nice place.

Over 67% of students believe that teachers respond poorly to bullying and in an infrequent and ineffective way.

Approximately 4400 people have died from bullying between the ages of 10 to 24 years. Girl bullies tend to use meaner words than boy bullies do.

Do you know that over 3.2 million students are bullied each year, yeah that’s a lot, so let`s try decreasing it. We can decrease it by lending a hand to stop a bully.  Remove yourself right away from the bully. If the bully follows you, do not start a fight. Don`t react scared or sad. Say that, “Here we go again. This is boring. Let me know when you are finish.”

If you keep bullying people I hope you get caught. You are not a nice person and need help. Did you know that approximately 160,000 teens skip school everyday because of bullying.

If that many teens skip school they will miss out of class and maybe miss out of their favorite subject!  Bullies are hurting their learning and preventing them from growing up and gaining the job they want. It’s not okay.

Bullying comes in two styles.  Verbal bullying is using nasty words. Physical bullying means hitting or pushing.

Some of you might think physical bullying is worse but sometimes words  hurt longer than a punch or a push.  Pretend you have a piece of paper. You crunch it up, stand on it and rip it up.  Now unfold that piece of paper.  No matter what you try to do, the paper will forever have rips and wrinkles. This paper is scarred forever. Verbal bullying can have the same effect.

Teachers please listen closely because 1 in 4 of you see nothing wrong with bullying and only interfere 4% of the time. I’m asking you to stop and think about how good you are at preventing bullying in your class. Start listening to children if they are being bullied. Would you like it if people didn’t listen to you?

Do you want the world to never be nice again? So everyone stop bullying, let`s try to make this school into a bullying free school!


Well said Brody, I cannot agree more.



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  • Millie says:

    I have to say this was an awesome speech.
    Awareness is key.

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